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Internet Service providers rely on private label messaging to drive incremental revenue and subscriber satisfaction. Our private label messaging solution offers the flexibility and control of an in-house email system with the advanced features, services and management ease of a hosted solutions.

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Integrated Email Solutions Customized for Your Business

Want to make your business communication Highly Effective at low cost? That't it! --Intra Communication Solution.

Hosting Modify provides you anytime, anywhere access to your Business Email and Messages. This enterprise intra communication suite is an innovative & seamless integration of high class business email service and free communicator. That is new powerful tool for business users to deal with the economic crisis.

It is designed to bring you amazing communication experience: leading features with lower cost.
Incredible large capacity up to 35 GB/box + 50MB x 6 attachments / mail (optional) make users able to store and deliver much larger files than ever, meanwhile the cost is much lower.
Industry leading Self-destruction & Email tracking features provide high-secure information protection;
Users don't need to be afraid of any unexpected mail reading/receiving any more;

Intra Communicator is the only instant messenger that is powered by Mail On-the-Fly(TM) technology.
It is designed not only for real-time communication but also for direct email management!

Mail On-the-Fly(TM) Scenario:

Suppose in a company, each staff needs to handle 120 mails per day (on average). With Intra Communicator, 30 sec per mail will be saved (much less steps than generic email), then daily time saving will be: 30x120/3600=1hour, that means 1/8 employee working time is saved! (assume 8 office hours / day). In another phrase:12.5% manpower cost is saved! It is constructive for every company against the crisis.

Every business unit needs an email id on Internet to grow. Companies, enterprises or any business uses email id that provides a complete solution that is fully Hosted so there is no need for any expensive or special hardware or software or any technical expertise to set up and use it.

Business email provides very beneficial features to your business. Main feature that it provides is the identity to your business on Internet.

Additional features are like it promotes your business through Internet all over the world, provides the way of easy connection to the clients, helps to connect your different employees or department at different places, provides your business your own domain name etc.

Personal Email in Internet world is a unique identity provided to anyone which brings user a step ahead of other friends. Personal Email gives you a unique email id like yourname@yourdomainname.com.

Personal Email is a full-featured service that enables you to communicate with our email experts, and gives you a unique email address of your own with your own domain name.

As the name suggest Personal Email gives a different kind of privacy that other mailing clients can't provide. It stops spam mails to reach to your id as personal mailing database is not so much open for corporate mailing business.

Group email service is specially for the members within a group. Group email service helps the user to promote his/her group, stay connected with all the members and to strengthen the relation with them. The group email service is specifically useful for increasing membership and reinforce loyalty for groups and organizations.

Email group allows the people to keep in touch with each other, so every college group, association of persons, hobby groups, cricket team, family relation, college groups and old college association should have email groups. The email group make them feel of group cohesiveness.

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